antique shop

Motivated by a fellow Genealogy Blogger, Jeanne Bryan Insalaco of Everyone Has a Story  I am going to focus during the month of November on preserving the stories and origins of our family heirlooms. Walk into any antique store and you will find heirlooms large and small, costly and inexpensive, old and antique. I just walked across the street to a nearby antique store where I live in Vienna, Austria. I asked the owner if I could take a photograph for my blog and she warmly agreed. We chatted about her business and where she obtains the items. Most are private sales, families who have inherited and no longer want the items, or from elderly who have to part with them because they are going into a nursing home and no one wants them.

Our family is fortunate that we have a variety and abundance of family treasures. Until now we have not photographed, nor recorded any stories about their origins.  When the stories are lost, the items lose their significance and the family loses their connection to the “treasure”.  I hope to resolve this in our family and challenge all of you to do the same for your family heirlooms.

The first blog is about one of the items without a story

Latin Bible – 1581- London England

Thomas A. Nichols – Masonic Medal 

The Traveling Trunk