Adams- MA ,Beaton– NE, Prince Edward Isles, Scotland, Andersson- Sweden, Benedict– IL, Betts- CT, Black – MA, Bradford – MA, Brainerd- MA, Breed– MA, Brinsmade-CT, Bristol-IL, Brown-MA, Butherus– Walter Russia, CO, Butterfield-MA, Cook-CT, Dickey-IA, IL, Dönhof-Saratov Russia, Dutton-CT, IA, OH, MA, VT Fay-MA, VT, England, Field-England, RI, Fitch-CT, Follett-NY, MA, IL, England, Frank-Saratov Russia, CO, Gates-CT, Gaylord-CT, England, Gies-CO, Walter Russia Gilbert– CT, Gillett– England, CT, MA Harding– WA, CO, Frank Russia, Hartung– CO, Russia, Hyde– MA, NE, England, Hill- PA, IL, CA, NH, IL, Hopp– CO, Russia, Howe- CT, VT, Kellogg- CT, England, Knerr– PA, Lord– CT, MA, England, Macdonald– Prince Edward Isles, NE, Mason– CT, England, Mathewson– RI, VT, Meacham– MA, VT, CT, England, Meriam/Merriam-CT, MA, England, Mitchell-MA, England, Moss– CT, England, Nilssdotter-NE, Sweden, Nichols– PA, NE, Olsdotter- Sweden,  Orcutt– NY, IA, NE, MA, Palmer-MA, CT, England, Parker-CT, VT, MA, Persson –Sweden, Raymond– MA, VT, CT, Rice/ Royce-CT, MA, Schoenhals– Frank Russia, Seamans-NY, MA, RI, Shattuck- MA, PA, England, Skinner– CT, MA, Southmayd-CT, Strong– CT, Taintor– CT, Tongue-CT, England, Ward-CT, MA, England Wheeler-CT, MA, England, Whiting-CT, MA, England

6 Responses to Surnames

  1. I just noticed your surname Orcutt. Have you written about them yet? My so-in-law is an Orcutt from NC, Va, and orig. Scotland as Urquhart.


    • treeklimber says:

      Hi Helen, No I have not written about the Orcutt’s yet, but they are next after I finish Nichols. I do know there is an Orcutt research group that only allows Orcutt family members access to their website if they are one generation removed from the Orcutt name, or still carry the Orcutt name. I have a lot of information about my Orcutt’s but only back to the early 1800’s and they came from the NY area and moved to Iowa, Illinois and NE. I have been led to believe that all Orcutt’s in the U.S. are connected.


      • My son-in-law has done some genealogical work awhile back, I’m not sure how much he did, but right much I think. He’s busy with 3 little kids right now, and is a park ranger, but he loves family, and I’d be glad to introduce you in on Facebook or give you his email. Helen Youngblood Holshouser on Facebook.


      • treeklimber says:

        Thanks Helen – I finally saw this comment, so I apologize for the delay in responding. Yes, I would like to connect and see if there is a common ancestor.


  2. Brenda R Moore says:

    I have Beaton MacDonald ancestry on PEI, are they on one of your blogs?


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